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Fueling the Future of Fairs & Expositions

The Fairchick Fund


As Marla Calico’s retirement date draws near, on what can undoubtedly be called a remarkable career that has impacted fairs of all sizes, we are marking the end of an era. Marla’s retirement is not just a reflection of a successful career but an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of an individual whose tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the industry. In recognition of Marla’s unwavering commitment and contributions and with a very generous gift from the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs, the IAFE Education Foundation has established “The Fairchick Fund” to provide travel grants for IAFE members to attend the annual convention.

We invite you to contribute to “The Fairchick Fund.” By contributing, you play a crucial role in extending the reach of Marla’s influence, fostering knowledge exchange, and empowering the next generation of industry leaders. Every donation, regardless of size, is a step towards creating opportunities, breaking down barriers, and building a more vibrant and connected fair and expositions community. 

Connection Cards

Throughout the year, you can collect a Connection Circle at an IAFE event, such as a Zone meeting or Convention. The Connection Circle is a ring you can hang in your office, on your wrist, or on your badge as you collect connection cards for participation in IAFE activities, much like the trading cards we collected in 2022 from other fairs and associates. Every Connection Circle comes with an IAFE “starter” card, and you can start adding to your collection throughout the year or simply once you arrive at the 2024 Convention. Fairs and associates interested in purchasing 500 cards to distribute throughout the year can click the button below. Funds raised support the IAFE Education Foundation.

Do you need an order form to distribute at IAFE meetings and events? Click the button to download.

Institute of Fair Management

The mission of The Institute of Fair Management is to enhance the professional development of the employees and volunteers of our member fairs and expositions by providing education and training in areas of core competency necessary for the operations of today's fairs, large or small.


The core competency areas in which the Institute courses will be focused include management, risk management, marketing, programming, operations, and facility usage.


Most Institute courses will be offered as part of regular IAFE educational events (Annual Convention, Zone meetings, and CyberSeminars) and repeated over two years. A special enrollee-only event, The IFM Summit, is offered once each year with at least five courses. Enrollees will have up to six years to complete the courses necessary to achieve their Institute diploma. An enrollee must attend at least two Summits to graduate. IFM enrollees are required to participate in the course CyberSeminar "live."


Upon graduation, graduates will qualify to use the IFMG designation.


The Institute is made possible by the IAFE Education Foundation and the efforts of dedicated members who have volunteered their time and talents to raise funds through events such as the annual Raisin For A Reason auction, Century Club, and other activities.


Beginning in 2024, all individuals seeking Certified Fair Executive designation will be required to be a graduate of the Institute of Fair Management (Application deadline January 15, 2024).


All IFM enrollees must be 18 years of age or older.


IAFE members, friends of the Foundation, and others have UNITED to support the Foundation

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