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Haas & Wilkerson Insurance

Everyone at Haas & Wilkerson Insurance is excited about the opportunity to recognize the great leadership and dedication that my friend Jim Tucker provided to the International Association of Fairs and Expositions and our great fair industry.  Jim's time at the IAFE had a significant focus on the education offered to our industry's volunteer and professional leaders at the Convention other IAFE meetings and even online. He and the IAFE have made great strides in this area.  I believe that the work the IAFE Education Foundation will do with the infusion of money from the Jim Tucker Fund will greatly enhance the education for our next generation of fair leaders.  It is critical and must be supported.  I can't think of a better way to honor Jim and his contribution to our great industry.

Gene Cassidy

Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Mass.

Jim Tucker’s retirement from IAFE afforded Eastern States Exposition an opportunity to honor him, while doing something good for the benefit of our industry. By establishing the Jim Tucker Fund, both Jim and the IAFE have created a mechanism for fairs and their personnel to improve, to grow, to be smarter, and to have greater impact on society through education and training and participation in the industry.

The mission of fairs is becoming ever-more important as what we do, what we should be doing, is informing our patrons nation-wide and world-wide about agriculture, industry and core-values.

It is my hope that the Jim Tucker Fund grows as all who are involved in fairs and expositions makes it a point to help each other through contributions that are for the greater-good.

Lisa Hinton

Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows, Inc.

The Florida Federation of Fair's Board of Directors felt strongly that Jim Tucker's dedication to the IAFE and the fair industry should be recognized through the Educational Foundation through the Jim Tucker Fund. After approving funds be donated from the Federation itself, the board also felt that his impact on all fairs was so significant that they encouraged all fairs in Florida to add to the fund as well. 

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