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Rhonda Livingstone “Dream Big” Memorial Scholarship
Guidelines & Procedures

1. Member must be associated with a small fair, with an attendance of 24,999 or less.


2. Must complete the Rhonda Livingstone “Dream Big” Memorial Scholarship application by August 31.


3. One (1) scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded.


4. The scholarship can be used to pay registration fees associated with IAFE events, including the Institute of Fair Management and travel costs associated with IAFE events.


IAFE events include:
a. CyberSeminars
b. Institute Summit
c. Annual Convention
d. IAFE Zone Meetings
e. Management Conference
f. Specialty Conferences
g. IFM enrollment


5. The scholarship amount will be disbursed as reimbursement for fees noted above upon presentation. Supporting receipts are required for reimbursement.


6. If the scholarship amount is not reimbursed within the calendar year following the award, the balance remaining may be carried forward for one more calendar year. If not used by that time, the remaining scholarship balance will be returned to the general use fund of the IAFE Education Foundation. The scholarship begins at the 2024 IAFE Convention. Scholarship not transferable.


7. A committee will evaluate scholarship applicants, and awards will be made based on the following criteria:
a. 60% of the score based upon the financial need of the applicant
b. 40% of the score is based upon the essay section of the application. This section will be evaluated in a “blind” judging process (no names visible to the committee)

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