Raisin' for a Reason-
Wagons and Whiskey


Thanks to all who attended the Raisin’ For A Reason live kick-off event on Sunday, November 28, 2021. Attendees were treated to entertainment by Highway 96, tasty food and drinks and time for reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Two specialty spirit packages four our fair experience packages were sold in the live auction. The YPI Card Game sold out within the first hour of the event and several contributions were made to our Tribute Tree.

As promised, our outgoing Chair, Mr. Eugene Cassidy, in full suit and tie allowed us to throw eleven (11) pies in his face (although a few ended up in places other than his face). You can watch the fun here (provide facebook link).  Past Chair Nancy Smith also performed her famous Grey Squirrel Wrap for a nice donation to the Foundation

Online bidding for items in the virtual auction is open and continues through December 5, at 5:00pm CST.  Be sure to have your cell phone or tablet handy so you won't be outbid!  Monetary donations can also be made using the green DONATE button on the auction site or on the IAFE Education Foundation Page

Contributions may also be made to the Tribute Tree online now through December 25th Tribute Tree

Keep the bidding going and help us continue to Grow Fair  Strong!