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Bill McNeill & Bill Krafft Zone 4 Memorial Grant Guidelines & Procedures

The following are the grant requirements and criteria:

1. Applicants must be affiliated with a member fair of the IAFE.
2. Applicants must be from a member fair within the IAFE Zone 4 and have never attended an IAFE Zone 4 conference.
(Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and the portion of Ontario more than 85 degrees longitude West of Greenwich)
3. One $500 grant will be awarded to assist with travel expenses for the 2025 IAFE Zone 4 meeting.
4. The grant can be used for reimbursement for the travel expenses associated with the following 2025 IAFE Zone 4 meeting, lodging, transportation (airfare/car rental/fuel)
5. The grant will be disbursed as a reimbursement for the expenses noted above, upon presentation of the request. Receipts to support the request must accompany the request for disbursement. All receipts and disbursement requests must be forwarded to the IAFE by May 15, 2025.
6. The grant awarded will expire on May 15, 2025. Any unused funds will remain in the Bill McNeill & Bill Krafft Zone 4 Memorial grant for future grants.
7. Grant is non-transferrable
8. Grants will be evaluated utilizing a blind judging system, by a committee, and the awards made upon the following criteria:
a. 65% of the score based upon the financial need of the applicant
b. 35% of the score based on the essay section of the application
9. Application must be submitted/uploaded by February 15, 2025.

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